Spitfires  arrive in Australia; much was expected of them.


The Spitfires 'Baptism of fire' in the Pacific War occurred in the expansive, tropical skies of the Northern Territory with No. 1 Wing RAAF.

Flying the Spitfire Mk Vc the Australian and British pilots found their Japanese opponent, the nimble Mitsubishi A6M2 'Zero', more than a match in aerial combat.


No. 79 Squadron Spitfire Mk Vc's   in  1943.


North to New Guinea and 'Island hopping' through the SW Pacific.




Ferocious looking Spitfire Mk VIII at wars end in  1945.


 In 1945 1st Tactical Air Force, RAAF, Spitfires scoured the SW Pacific in search of the Japanese.





Sqn Ldr Caldwell

Biography of Spitfire 'Ace' Clive 'Killer' Caldwell, Australia's highest scoring fighter pilot during WWII. A superb fighter pilot and leader who left the RAAF in controversial circumstances.

Includes unique research material that has never been published before.



Caldwell helps push his Spitfire CR-C JL394 out of its camouflaged revetment in August 1943 .


High drama as a No. 457 Squadron Spitfire Vc, returns to Livingston after intercepting a Japanese bomber formation in June 1943.